Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new start

Salutations comrades,

It's been a while since we came out with the last newsletter, 5 months to be specific.

We have now decided to to have a rolling newsletter, which will regularly be updated rather than keep waiting for deadlines, and then miss them 5 times, as its happened in this case.

Who is this newsletter for?

Ideally, it's for all parents of school going kids in NCR region, Delhi specifically. But it important to mention that it was started by DPSI Parents.

What is the objective of this newsletter?

A fun parents club which connects all parents and works like a forum to raise our concerns whether it is to school authorities or education / health minister, which helps our children become better world citizens.

Its not a forum against any authority, but to work hand in hand with them, for a constructive change.

How do we parents benefits directly?

We, as parents, have been or still are too busy making ends meet, and somehow we don't give enough quality time to our kids. Also, we don't necessarily set very good examples.

Let's own up, almost all of us are super slobs.

Dr. Robert E. Sallis, former president of American College of Sports Medicine (2007 – 2008) had a very worrisome thing to say, “We are looking at a generation of children who are much less fit than their parents and with potential to be the first generation not to live longer than their parents.”

Is that what we want?

How do we intend to do that?

We have already organised an event where parents and kids got to spend quality time with each other, and other parents and kids as well. (Please check the report below)

Plan is to have tons of activities like these and a lot more. All your inputs will be very useful.

What bigger difference will it make?

If 33% of India's population is school going, we need to take a more pro-active role in making a cultural change, rather than keep cribbing about everything.

So, what do you folks say?

Please write in to us at or join us on and share it with other friends you know.

It'll also be wonderful if you could join us as contributors to this newsletter, or more importantly in anything and everything.

Come on, let's be the change!

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